If you have been following the drama between ex-Youtube couple Jake Paul and Alissa Violet and thought it was over, get ready because it has just gotten way worse. Jake has released a new song and video titled "It's Everyday Bro," featuring Tessa Brooks, and there are lines and subliminal messages in the video aimed at Alissa. And it is not pretty.

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As we reported before, Jake and Alissa ended their relationship after she allegedly cheated on er and he kicked her out of his house and Alissa then ended her friendship with Tessa because she was still hanging out with the Disney Channel guy after the fact.

Jake's first verse gives a shout out to his big Disney Channel paycheck and also a diss that is pretty obviously aimed at Alissa. He says: “And you know I kick them out if they ain’t with the crew. Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention talking s–t on Twitter, too. But you still hit my phone last night, it was 4:52, and I got the text to prove. And all the recordings, too… don’t make me tell the truth.”

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Yikes. Tessa has her own verse and there is a line that could have been for her ex-BFF, saying, "Yeah, I smell good. Is that your boy's cologne?" and also mentioned Panera Bread, where Alissa used to work during high school. YIKES! Check out the cringeworthy video below.

Alissa is not one to stay silent during things like these, so she quickly took to Twitter to express her thoughts.

She even recorded a reaction video with YouTube star RiceGum—and it might just be more entertaining than the original.

The pair teased that a response diss track will be coming out on June 6, so prepare yourselves, because this drama is far from over.

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