Jake Paul, Jake Paul, Jake Paul. Every day there's something new going on with the controversial YouTube personality whether he's making racist comments to a fan or he's getting caught up with the police. Regardless of his antics, there's one thing Jake always tells his fans – the Jake Paulers. He says, "Dab on them haters." So, what does that exactly mean? It means don't pay attention to the people that are putting you down or bullying you. It means to stand up for yourself and keep doing your thing. It means to continue doing you because, in the end, the haters won't matter.

While that seems super uplifting and all, we've found some evidence that proves Jake might have been one of those haters in his old days. Growing up in Ohio, Jake got his start on YouTube while making funny videos with his brother Logan Paul. They gained an immense amount of popularity and literally took the Internet by storm. Now, some of his peers back in the midwest are totally exposing him on Twitter.

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These peers have actually started tweeting all of the obnoxious and horrible things Jake did to them. The allegations go as far back as the 5th grade. Of course, we can't say that all of these claims are 100 percent true. Stories tend to get blown out of proportion, and very much fabricated especially on social media. But, if they are true, then this is really heartbreaking and goes against a lot of what Jake preaches about in his vlogs.

Looking past all of his shenanigans, we had hoped he was a nice guy. But, now, we're not so sure. Here are a few stories his former classmates are telling the world about Mr. Team 10.

jake 1

jake 2

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jake 3

jake 4

jake 5

Okay, yikes. Jake has yet to comment on all of this but we have a feeling he's seen it. I mean, come on, the guy is a social media master. There's no way he doesn't keep tabs on himself across the Twitterverse. Not only that but this all comes on the heels of his diss track that's not a diss track. To be clear, we only call it a diss track because that's how Jake himself labeled the original video, "Jake Paul – YouTube Stars Diss Track (Official Music Video)." But then, he wrote in the opening message, "This isn't a diss track. It's a message to all the news and hate." #CONFUSED.

It was what Jake did during the video that got his hometown peers opening their mouths and spilling all the damn tea. It was his talk of putting an end to bullying. His old classmates claim Jake was the bully, not the one trying to stop it. The lyrics in his diss but not diss track read, "Where was y'all at when I was in the lunchroom / Stopping kids from getting bullied they were scared to come to school."

Twitter user @Thesuperlauren said, "Where was ya'll at when I was in the lunchroom, stopping kids from getting bullied" Jake Paul literally was the bully. Ask anyone from here."

If Jake, his brother Logan, or the Team 10 crew don't react to this, we'll be shocked. This could really get the hashtag, #JakePaulIsOverParty, trending again and that's never a good look.

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