We think it's safe to say, Jake Paul and his Team 10 crew have outgrown their house and it's time to move. Over the past several months, the editors here at J-14 have reported on several incidents taking place at the crew's playground. Every time it's the same story. A stunt is being played out for a vlog, something insane happens which causes a total ruckus, hundreds of fans loiter outside of the home and the neighbors get super upset – for good reason. There have been a few quotes from the neighbors who have to actually live on the same street as Team 10, but finally, we've got a real first-hand account.

The neighbor, who wished to be kept anonymous, chatted with the popular YouTube channel DramaAlert about some of the scary situations he has witnessed. He also explained how some of his conversations with Jake have gone, why he thinks the former Disney Channel star doesn't understand the damage he's causing and what's being done to shut down Team 10 completely.

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Of course, everyone on the street is being affected, but it's actually the neighbor – an elderly person – whose house is directly next to the Team 10 house that has allegedly suffered the most.

"The neighbor next door [is probably] the one who has probably been through the most and suffered the most. She…nearly died from smoke inhalation from the fire. For some strange reason, they get their kicks off on doing sh-t to an old lady," the anonymous neighbor told DramaAlert.

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Issa squad

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Okay, that's really scary. We have a feeling that if Jake knew things like this were going down at the moment, he would hopefully stop the stunt. As crazy as he may seem, this is just a blatant disregard for humanity. There's no way, if he knew, that she was in danger he would keep up what he was doing. But, we digress.

The neighbor explained that he has had some talks with Jake, but, unfortunately, they don't seem to go anywhere. He recalled, "Yeah, after a few tries, we actually had a chance to talk, he and I. You know, it’s strange. The guy is likable in so many ways and then he opens his f-cking mouth and you know there’s parts of me that want to act like a big brother to him and show him, you know, kind of a more compassionate way of doing things. The only thing I can say is, and this is with all due respect to him…but I just don’t think he gets it. I don’t think it really registers with him…and that’s the part, after speaking with him, that really sucks because, to me, he seems like a very articulate, smart guy."

Wow. If your eyes haven't opened yet, ours just did. As annoyed as this guy sounds, it seems like he is almost rooting for Jake. He knows that Jake is smart, he knows that he's got some brains behind this entire operation but at the same time, it's chaos and completely unlivable for everyone around Team 10. Again, this anonymous neighbor is still thinking of Jake's future. He goes on to say that if Jake wants to further his career outside of cyberspace, he can't continue on this destructive path and we have to wholeheartedly agree.

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"LAPD was called there 32 times there in five days. But, that gives you kind of a glimpse into what we have to deal with. It’s just a bad situation," the neighbor said. "Like, there’s not a single person on earth other than these little, I don’t even want to call them Jake Paulers, than these little sh-theads that would want to live next to him.

But, you know, I think he’s going to learn pretty quick. He mentioned this a few times and I’ve even heard it in his videos that he doesn’t need anybody, that he doesn’t need anybody to be successful but if he ever plans on segwaying out of the YouTube world and actually trying to make it in this town, this is not the way to do it by pissing off people in the industry. Whether it’s people at Disney, but like I said our, just on our block alone, are writers, producers, the head of theatrical for one of the biggest agencies and the word is around."

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"Real shooters they'll sit in jail for me"

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Yikes…the word is around. Jake just hosted the live concert special Teen Fest before the 2017 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night and chatted with Entertainment Tonight. After listening to his interview, it sounds like he's maybe just beginning to understand that people are talking about him and that he needs to get the hell out of his neighborhood. He even apologized, publicly, to his neighbors for putting up with the shenanigans.

"I’ve definitely learned that like the way I act and the things I say can be taken in the wrong way a lot of the time when I’m just being goofy and messing around which sucks but you know that’s the way the media is and like I said, I apologize to our neighbors and we’re trying to make the living situation better for everyone…We actually had a meeting with them [the neighbors] and we’re working on moving out. It’s the only way to fix the problem cause the Jake Paulers are just always outside," Jake said to ET.

Well, they better move quickly because they're about to get dabbed on by some serious haters. The neighbor who spoke with DramaAlert said they are filing a civil suit against Team 10.

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