Jake Paul is always on to the next thing and that thing is always huge. After a successful weekend in Los Angeles, Team 10 brought their pop up shop to New York City. Fans couldn't have been more excited. It's estimated that over 15,000 Jake Paulers showed up. Many of them waited outside in the snow for hours. That's dedication! And when the Team 10 members arrived, they, of course, didn't disappoint.

J-14 caught up with Jake at the shop, and he dished about the event and what Team 10's success means for his acting career. Although the star's silver screen time has taken a bit of a detour since Jake left Bizaardvark, he has no intention of stopping acting.

"I love acting," he told J-14. "I’m definitely working on all things acting." Does that mean we'll see him in another TV show soon? Maybe! For now, Jake is doing his best to hustle.

"I’m auditioning, writing my own scripts and stuff, and trying to get involved in as much acting as possible," he explained. If Jake's scripts are as wild and fun as his music videos are, Jake Paulers will love whatever he comes up with. Maybe some members of Team 10 will join in on his acting endeavors?

Besides Jake, the hottest commodity from the pop-up shop was definitely the cotton candy signature sweater. (He actually told us that was his favorite item in the shop: "It’s got the fluffy signature on the front of it and that’s the one that fans seem to be gravitating towards the most as well.")

Even if you weren't at the NYC event, you helped Team 10 and Jake Paul create holiday magic, just by being a fan. Scroll through these awesome photos of the event to see what Jake said about the pop-up shop and how to join Team 10!

Reporting credit: Shanon Maglente.

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