Another day, another Jake Paul story. The controversial Disney Channel alum brought his talents to television last night when he hosted the 2017 Teen Fest – a concert before the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. The concert consisted of performances by artists like Hey Violet, PRETTYMUCH, Echosmith and Team 10 of course. Not only that but the free festival had some pretty amazing other perks including food trucks, a Ferris wheel, art installations and games for anyone that attended. So, why was Jake slammed for something that sounds so fun?

Because some think he didn’t deserve the platform he was given. Jake has been getting into lots of shenanigans this summer and it seems like people have just had enough. Disney Channel parted ways with Jake in the middle of Bizaardvark’s second season, which shows you the network had enough of his antics as well. He recently made fun of an innocent fan’s accent and made racist comments to the fan. He was seen pushing his fellow Team 10 member Tessa Brooks on camera and his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet outed him for being emotionally abusive toward her. These are just a few things the “It’s Everyday Bro” singer has been making headlines over.

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The fact that he was chosen to be on television after all of that is really what had people in an uproar. The viewers went total savage mode on Jake and we can’t stop reading what they had to say. Not only was everyone talking about getting him off the air but they started using the hashtags, #TCAsCancelJakePaul and #TeenChoiceAwardsAreOverParty.

One Twitter user said, “#TCAsCancelJakePaul Using bullies to promote your show is an absolute joke. Shame on you.”

Another said, “Spreading so much negativity, don’t reward him he’s legit singing a song hating on others? I don’t understand that

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Other users were upset over the fact that Jake was allowed to host AND that he was awarded. A viewer tweeted, “#TeenChoiceAwardsAreOverParty not only did they let @jakepaul perform, a racist, homophobic and uneducated bully… but he also was awarded?”

Yikes. Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, made a splash during the night as well. He was at the actual 2017 Teen Choice Awards show where he was a presenter and also won the award for Choice Male Web Star. If you haven’t already figured this out, the Paul brothers are taking over and they are taking over fast. While they have their haters, it’s clear that they’ve got a bunch of supporters who are willing to back every move they make.

The Internet is a powerful place and obviously, as we’ve seen with Jake and Logan, it will skyrocket you to fame. Jake may have done some outrageous things, but his loyal followers want to see him. So, it seems like, Fox was just giving the people want they wanted last night.

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