One thing is for sure, James Corden and the One Direction boys go way back – specifically his relationship with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Fans got a brief understanding of this when Niall Horan gave an extensive interview on Dan Wooten's podcast about his new solo career, One Direction and if there's ever hope of the band getting back together. Not only that but he also mentioned James as being one of the guys' mentors throughout their career together. He even alluded to the fact that James was the guy who came up with the idea for their "Story of My Life" music video.

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While we knew James was involved in their careers we had no idea how much he was involved! Now, James is giving the fans even more of what they want to hear. He said that he's actually known Harry and Louis before anyone else did.

Louis' late mom, Johannah Deakin, actually reached out to James and asked him to look out for the boys because they were now in London traveling for the band.

James said, "I knew Louis [Tomlinson] ‘cause his mom was a chaperone on a TV show I'd done, she would look after the young kids on the show. She reached out to me and said, ‘My son is in London, and he doesn’t know anyone can I just give him your number in case something happens?’ and I said, ‘Of course.’ And so they would come over to our house, and we'd have pizza and play Fifa, and my wife would feel like she was babysitting all of us and this was before I got married."

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Aww! Can you even imagine how fun it would be to eat pizza and play video games with James, Harry, and Louis? A dream come freaking true, am I right?!

James also touched on his relationship with Hazza. He said, "We've known young Harold since he was 17 years old…Harry was at my wedding, and I love him dearly, I love him absolutely dearly, and I’m so proud."

Clearly, James has a lot of love for both of these boys. One thing is for sure, keep a look out for who James is hanging out with next. They could be the next big thing!

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