Jasmine Villegas is six months pregnant with her first child! In a recent interview, the singer opened up about her unexpected pregnancy. She tweeted out at fans that she finally felt it was the right time to share this news.

Although the pop star, who famously starred in Justin Bieber's "Baby" music video, never expected to have a baby at this time in her life, she says that she and her longtime boyfriend are excited to be parents.

"Well, it came as a total shock. You take the test, and you're not sure, and then you take another one. It was a very crazy moment for me; I never thought I would have a baby at 22, but I'm definitely excited. I'm super excited to meet my baby and to be a mom," she said.


"The fact that I'm still young made me so nervous. You never know what people will say. It's looked down on to be young and pregnant in this country. You have shows like 16 and Pregnant, where kids are put on a pedestal to be judged…But I've always known that I wanted kids, and I know that I'm old enough and that I'm responsible."

Jasmine doesn't want to reveal the identity of her boyfriend, she says that "everything is going well, and he's very supportive."

That's good to hear!

Can you believe this news? Did you realize she was pregnant? Let us know in the comments!

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