Sweet niblets, Jason Earles is talking all things Hannah Montana! The actor — known for his role as Miley Cyrus‘ older brother Jackson in the fan-favorite Disney Channel series — recently teamed up with Even Stevens‘ star Christy Carlson Romano for an epic cooking video.

On the most recent episode of the YouTube series “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback,” the pair made their own version of Cheese Jerky and even performed their rendition of the iconic “Cheese Jerky” rap.

As fans of the series know, Cheese Jerky was made popular by Jackson and Oliver in the episode titled “Achy Jakey Heart” when the dynamic duo started their own beach snack shop that rivaled Rico’s.

“Cheese Jerky is a little snack that Oliver and I created on the show,” Jason told Christy in the video. “It’s probably the one thing that I get requested from the fans more than anything. It’s probably one of our most iconic episodes.”

While working hard in the kitchen, the pair discussed their time acting as older siblings on Disney Channel series’. The 42-year-old actor admitted that when filming, he felt like Miley’s real older brother and even finds himself still protective over her now.

“I was Miley’s obnoxious older brother,” he said. “I feel very protective of all the kids on the show. Especially Miley, just because she had so many responsibilities. For a 13-year-old girl to grow up in front of the entire universe like that, the reach for the show was insane, she didn’t have a music career, she wasn’t a movie star. She came into that show really raw and new and not with a lot of experience…the reality is, she was the nicest person I’ve probably ever worked with and she took more time with the Make-A-Wish kids when they would come visit on set.”

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