You're used to seeing chalkboards in your classroom at school, but imagine having one right by your bed, so you can doodle anything that comes to mind — like a favorite song lyric or yes, even a math problem! That's the case for Stuck in the Middle's Jenna Ortega, who recently redid her room with her younger sister Aliyah.

"We share a room, but we both have the same taste," Jenna told J-14 Decorate. "I wanted to give our room more of a teen vibe." The first item on their redecorating list? A chalkboard wall!

"It's really cool because whenever I get tired of a design or drawing I made, I can erase it and just start over!" Jenna explains. "Plus, my friends like to leave me notes when they come over, which are usually random and pretty funny."

Read below to see how you can make your own chalkboard wall like Jenna's!

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