Believe it or not, Jenna Ortega is *not* a part of the Addams Family, as some might suspect after watching her play Wednesday in the successful Netflix series. That being said, the Scream 6 actress has a very large and close-knit family. Keep reading to see an explainer on Jenna’s fam.

Does Jenna Ortega Have Siblings?

Jenna doesn’t have just one, or two siblings: she has five. Yep, you heard us right — Jenna is one of six kids.

She has two brothers: Isaac (born in 1998), who is the oldest of the siblings, and Markus (born in 2004), who is the youngest, along with his twin. The Netflix actress also has three sisters: Mariah (born in 1999) and Mia (born in 2000), who are both older than Jenna, and Aaliyah (born in 2004), who is the youngest along with her twin, Markus.

The 20-year-old actress, who was born in 2002, is the middle child of her five siblings, which feels kind of perfect for someone who plays Wednesday Addams, who is named after the middle day of the week.

“There are a lot of misconceptions on being the middle child; it’s actually pretty cool,” Jenna stated in a 2016 interview with Mama’s Mission blog. “Your younger and older brothers and sisters feel that they can confide in you. If someone is going to miss an event, it’s usually the middle child  — which causes the parents to feel guilty and try to make it up in other ways. Middle children get away with more stuff in general.”

Does Jenna Ortega Have Siblings? A Guide to the 'Wednesday' Star's Family, Parents
Instagram/Mia Ortega

Who Are Jenna Ortega’s Parents?

Jenna, along with the rest of her siblings, were born to her parents, Natalie and Edward A. Ortega. Her mother is an emergency nurse, which Jenna mentioned in an interview with Wired in December 2022.

Natalie posted a throwback photo of Jenna, Mariah, Mia and Aaliyah in honor of National Daughter’s Day in September 2022. “Happy daughters Day to my four beauties,” Natalie wrote. “May you always look for rainbows when it rains, and may you always find the stars in the dark. I love you all so much.”

Jenna revealed in a 2022 interview during the Wednesday press tour, that her parents have no interest in the film industry.

“I have a very supportive family,” she began. “They sacrificed a lot so that I could do what I do. Another thing I love about them is that they don’t care at all about what I do.”

She continued, “They have no interest whatsoever in this world or in the film industry. I could come home from work with cool people, prominent people, people I looked up to, and they weren’t interested. They were like, ‘hey, you didn’t do the dishes before you left, so you’re going to have to do them all week.'”

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