Ruby Rose and The Veronicas' singer Jessica Origliasso have always been super cute together but now Jessica is taking things one step further. She recently called Ruby her soul mate on Instagram and we can't help but wonder if an engagement is in the future. Of course, this is all speculation but it's fun to imagine what would happen if these two committed to spending the rest of their lives together!

Their love really blossomed publicly when Ruby was featured in The Veronicas' music video for the song "On Your Side". Ruby had just called it quits with her ex-girlfriend Harley Gusman right before she and Jessica rekindled their romance. Ever since the making of this music video, these two gals have been inseparable.

It was Jessica who first put it out there on social media about how head over heels she was for the Orange is the New Black star. Now, she's giving fans even more details about her feelings. Jessica gave Ruby a special birthday shout out on Instagram posting an adorable picture of them. She wrote, "Happy birthday to my soul mate, lover and best friend ❤️ @rubyrose I LOVE YOU. You are the beginning, the complete, my worship, the edge, the magick, the end, and the heaven of everything. You are everything X."

Aww! This is literally #GOALS and we can't imagine them looking any happier. No really, this is pure bliss and it's so great to see that they have found such a true, passionate love. Before this photo, Jessica posted another one of the two staring into each other's eyes and said, "She's ruining my hardcore reputation because I'm smiling ALL THE DAMN TIME."

Clearly, they are on cloud 9. There's no telling whether or not these two will get engaged anytime soon but using the word phrase "soul mate" really has us wondering. Obviously, this is no fling. They are super serious together and even though an engagement might not be planned right now, there's definitely a possibility in the future!

The only thing left to wonder is what Jessica has in store for Ruby's birthday. It is today after all – she turns 31 – so we have a feeling any surprises won't be on social media for a couple of days. Regardless of what the big plans are, Jessica and Ruby will most likely spend the day together. And that's probably exactly what Ruby could have wished for!



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