In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the Jonas Brothers' breakout self-titled album (their first with Hollywood Records), we're celebrating with a week full of JoBros features for our readers.

Ahhh, what was it like meeting Joe Jonas? I feel like it was just yesterday when…okay no, restart. That sounds like I'm a grandmother telling an old wise tale to her grandchildren. While I might be somewhat wise, I'm not a grandmother – how weird would that be? Back to the beginning. The day I meant Joe was actually only a few months ago, April 12th, 2017 to be exact. He and his band DNCE had come to New York to perform at an upscale bowling alley in Brooklyn as a partnership with M&M's. I was too freaking excited.

While I was never really a Jonas Brothers fan when they existed as one cohesive unit, I liked each of them differently in their own ways. Okay, and when I say I was never really a Jonas Brothers fan – I wasn't a fan at all. Not because I didn't like their music, but because I didn't find the whole long, straightened hair incredibly attractive. When they split up and inevitably grew up, I found myself liking them more and more. It was their solo music, their new looks and what they had going on in their personal lives that were more attractive to me.

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Nick Jonas was always the hottest one, in my opinion. Even today, the dude is super sexy. Kevin Jonas, total family man and I loved that about him. Joe, on the other hand, I was kind of waiting to see what he did. Then "Cake By the Ocean" came along and I was completely hooked. So, when the opportunity came up to interview the masterminds behind one of the mega hits of the year, I couldn't turn it down.

The morning of the interview came, my alarm didn't go off in time and my hair was puffy. Usually, I have some pretty good curls going on but mother nature decided that when I was going to give my first impression to Joe Jonas, a godsend for the Guess underwear campaign, my hair was going to totally suck. But, whatever, if Joe was going to love me, he was going to have to love the REAL me. I remember taking an Uber from my office in Midtown Manhattan across the bridge to Brooklyn. During the ride, I went over my notes, thought about what I would ask him and the rest of DNCE and hope they agreed for a photo. I think I was also sweating. As my Uber pulled up, I realized I was early. Not sure why I couldn't have been early that morning but I DIGRESS.

I go in, the place is dark. I'm like 'F-ck yes, Joe won't notice my nasty hair!' I was really expecting to be completely star struck and fumbling over my own words. Would I even know my own name? What was I thinking? I wasn't even THAT big of a fan of the Jonas Brothers. I mean, I liked DNCE but I wasn't a fangirl by any means. So many thoughts were running through my head. Then it happens. Joe, Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee come bouncing down the wooden steps from where I presume is a room they wait in during interviews. I imagine this room to be filled with their favorite candy, food, their instruments, costumes and everything else in between. A total DNCE paradise.

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Joe leads the pack. From afar, he's a total star. He's the guy in the Guess underwear campaign I imagined I'd be meeting. It's almost like he's moving in slow motion, rubbing his hand over his buzzed black hair. His black jeans were crisp, tight and his graphic tee was everything. Then…he shook my hand.

Okay, so this where things kind of took a turn. I really wasn't as star struck as I thought I was going to be. Joe is a normal human, you guys! He shook my hand, placing his non-shaking hand on top of our hand shake which was a bit odd but like, I went with it. He literally looked directly into my soul when he introduced himself. Yes, Joe Jonas still introduces himself. Then he sat down. He's soft spoken, lets others in the group give their opinions and couldn't stop flipping through the pages of J-14. I couldn't tell if he was looking for himself or just bringing himself back to the nostalgia JoBro days.

There were two other things I couldn't help but notice. The first was that he's a great listener. He makes the most intense eye contact with you when you're asking a question and I really freaking appreciated it. The second thing was that he has a tendency to move his leg up and down in what seems like a nervous habit. I could be totally wrong with this assessment here, but if he was actually nervous then that's the cutest thing ever. After I asked some questions and got everything I needed, DNCE as a whole agreed to take a photo with me. Obvi, I stood next to Joe.

joe jonas

You guys, his hand on my back as the camera flashed…like, CAN. I. GO. BACK. TO. THAT. MOMENT. FOREVER? As I said, it's not that I was starstruck at all while being in his presence. That day, my love for Joe grew exponentially because I realized he's the most normal, doofy, cute boy next door you'd ever want to be friends with and I can see why he's gotten so far in his career with the utmost respect from the industry on his name.

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