Positive thoughts and good vibes are needed for Joey Birlem.

The social media star, who has taken part in the popular Weekend Rush Tour, sent fans into a tailspin of worry thanks to a tweet posted by the tour’s official page.

On Twitter, the highly popular social media star tour shared a cryptic tweet about Joey. It read, “Everyone pray for @JosephBirlem , wishing you a speedy recovery ?❤️.”

No further information was provided at the time, but fans are of course worried for the star, want to know what happened, and are wondering if he’s doing okay.

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Everything was up in the air about Joey and his condition until he broke his silence on social media. The star gave fans a little insight as to what was going on and put some of their worries to rest by sharing a few pictures and videos on Instagram.

In these posts fans are able to see the YouTube star lying in a hospital bed, wearing a gown – which of course looks pretty serious. Though in only two of the videos, a cast is seen on his arm. This could mean that he injured his arm or wrist, but there is no exact way to know what happened until Joey or his camp releases an official statement.

For now, this all remains a mystery!

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As soon as the post went live, fans of course flooded the comments section with their well wishes for Joey. He thanked everyone for keeping him in their thoughts, sharing another picture of himself on Twitter and writing, "thank you all for the support ❤️."

He’s definitely got to be feeling all the love coming his way. We are going to be keeping Joey in our thoughts, and hope he has a speedy recovery.

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