Joey Bragg and Jessica Marie Garcia are both in serious relationships in real life, but fans totally ship their two characters on Liv and Maddie. Well, Jillow fans should be happy because they kissed on the latest episode of the show! Was anyone else freaking out during SkyVolt-A-Rooney?

Jessica's character Willow has been crushing on Joey for ages, and he realized his true feelings for her minutes before she has to leave to go the airport. Since they have such limited time together, he takes her on a romantic date through all the experiences they would have as each other's high school sweethearts — straight to prom!

And that kiss? Woah. Long live Jillow!

It's the smooch that fans have been waiting for, and the cast feels pretty much the same way.

Even Joey's real-life girlfriend, Audrey Whitby, revealed herself to be a Jillow fan.

She even joked, "How could I not share those luscious lips?!"

Agh. All the feels.

Are you happy that they finally got together? Is this everything that you've been waiting for? Click through the gallery to see stills from the episode, and let us know in the comments!

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