This may be hard to believe, but it’s officially been eight years since Liv and Maddie premiered. The fan-favorite Disney Channel show hit screens on July 19, 2013, and fans cannot believe how fast time has flown by! It seriously feels like just yesterday that viewers watching the hilarious antics of Dove CameronJoey BraggTenzing Norgay Trainor, Jessica Marie Garcia and Ryan McCartan, and there’s not a day that goes by that they don’t miss it, TBH.

When the show came to an end in 2017, Dove chatted with Teen Vogue about what she hoped viewers would take away from the series. “I would just say that human beings are stronger together,” the actress said at the time.

“Relying on someone else is not a sign of weakness; it shows strength that you’re able to accept that you need help. Your family and loved ones that you choose as your family is the most important thing the life energy you create around you is your life,” Dove added. “Liv and Maddie is such a positive, positive show, full of love and laughter. Obviously, because the twins are such different people it’s [about] accepting yourself as you are, as you come, not competing with those around you. It’s all about following your path and your bliss.”

During Dove’s time working on the show, a lot went down behind-the-scenes, so J-14 decided to investigate and we uncovered a ton of on-set secrets that fans probably didn’t know about the series! One major secret is that the blonde beauty had an entirely different role in the show before playing twins.


Liv and Maddie didn’t start out as a twin show, I actually played a different character in the beginning, and it was neither of the twins. It was a completely different show at first, and it took a long time to get it to where it is,” the former Disney Channel star told Teen Vogue. “I’ve actually been working on it for five years though it’s only been on the air for four — that’s a long time when you’re young.”

Fans may also be shocked to learn that Sofia Carson almost starred in the series! Plus, did you guys know that Dove and Ryan had a long-term relationship in real life?! Yep, there’s actually a lot that went down when the cameras stopped rolling. Want to learn some more unknown facts about the show? Scroll through our gallery uncover some more Liv and Maddie behind-the-scenes secrets!

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