When a movie or TV show requires some type of crazy trick, more often than not, a trained stunt double will step in and perform it so that the actor doesn’t get hurt. Most of the time, the stunt doubles look so much like the star that they’re standing in for, that fans don’t even realize it’s a different person!

For instance, who knew that Robert Pattinson had a body double for all of the Twilight films? Yep, while the actor was able to do a lot of his own minor stunts, some of the fight scenes were just too intense for him. What about Emma Watson? Fans may be shocked to learn that she actually had four stunt doubles while filming Harry Potter!

They’re definitely not the only ones. A bunch more stars, like Miley CyrusSelena GomezDove CameronJennette McCurdyAriana Grande, Victoria Justice and others all also had stunt doubles. J-14 went ahead and found some photos of actors alongside their body doubles, so prepare to be shook over how similar they looked!

Scroll through our gallery to see some mind-blowing photos of your favorite celebrities with their stunt doubles.

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