Ever since the series ended in March 2017, everyone’s been missing Liv and Maddie. Well, fans of the Disney Channel show might want to brace themselves because Ryan McCartan just told J-14 exclusively that he’d totally be down for a reboot!

“Yeah, I’ll do anything,” the actor told us when we asked him if he’d ever be willing to reprise his role as Diggie Smalls.

This is seriously the best news ever. For those who forgot, the Disney Channel show also starred  Dove Cameron, Joey Bragg and Tenzing Norgay Trainor. It was about two identical twins — Liv and Maddie — who were living two totally different lives. Maddie was a high school student in Wisconsin, who pretty much ate, slept and breathed basketball. While her twin sis, Liv, was a big Hollywood actress! When Liv moved back home to Wisconsin and reentered Maddie’s life, things got a little complicated. Especially since the girls had to share a room! It premiered in July 2013, and when the final episode aired four years later, it was truly the end of an era.

Dove Ryan Liv and Maddie
Disney Channel

Unfortunately, the now 26-year-old Broadway star admitted that he’s not in touch with his former costars anymore.

“Everyone kind of went off and did their own thing,” Ryan explained. “Which is fine, it happens.”

As fans know, Dove and Ryan actually dated while they both starred in the series, and they were seriously the ultimate Disney Channel power couple back in the day. But things didn’t end too well for them. After their split in 2016, it got pretty messy. Dove claimed Ryan had treated her badly during their relationship, and he accused the actress of cheating on him with her current boyfriend, Thomas Doherty. Despite all their drama, Dove had some nice things to say about her ex-boyfriend during an interview with Access at Disney Channel Fan Fest in April 2019.

“My first boyfriend ever I found through Liv and Maddie, and I’m so grateful for that experience and what he taught me,” she said.

This Liv and Maddie reboot needs to happen, like, now!

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