Disney Channel has given the world plenty of movies, television shows and straight up stars for us all to obsess over. But perhaps one of the most interesting aspects about the DC is the real-life couples that come from the network. Whether they were one time co-stars or just so happened to both work in the House of Mouse, Disney Channel romances have happened quite often over the years. And frankly, so many of these couples really have impacted so many of us. (Hello Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, we are looking and you and no, still not over that breakup.) Now while there are some Disney Channel couples we ALL knew about like yes Zanessa, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, and Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, there were some love stories that flew under the radar. Well, we just had to take a trip down memory lane and dig up some pairings you might not be as familiar with. And some of these couples will totally have you saying "Huh?!" because they most likely would never date today. Like ever.

Dylan Sprouse and Miley Cyrus

dylan sprouse and miley cyrus

Miley's relationship with Nick Jonas is an integral part of the Disney Channel love story saga but before Nick, there was Dylan. That's right, these two dated for legit one day as Dylan shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

"We met on her set, I believe and we dated. And then Nick Jonas walked by and then it was over. Then we went home," Dylan explained.

Wow, what could've been if Nick hadn't come in the way.

Cody Linley and Demi Lovato

cody linley and demi lovato

Yes, Cody and Demi were totally a thing once upon a time. It's unclear as to how long exactly they were a couple but Cody once opened up about a rather disastrous date the pair had.

"I was going to be picking Demi up around 7 p.m. and I didn't get to pick her up until like 9. I had an audition in downtown Hollywood, and after my audition, my car broke down in like the worst place. So I was opening my hood and I was like, 'Okay, I've got to make this happen. I have to get my car back going.' I had a tool kit in the back and I was working on it in a Jack in the Box parking lot," Cody explained. "It was really the most up and down night of my life. When I finally got Demi, we went out to eat and I was explaining to her, 'Yeah, my car, I'm sorry, it broke down,' and as I'm saying that, it starts making a crazy noise again! And I was like, 'Oh, oh, oh no,' and she's like, 'What's happening?' I was like, 'Nothing, it's all good.' She's like, 'Are you sure?' So I had to stop the car and get out. Demi was really sweet. She held the light for me and put in her car repair advice."

Now that was one memorable date, that's for sure!

Lucy Hale and David Henrie

lucy hale and david henrie

Lucy played David's love interest on two episodes of his show Wizards of Waverly Place and IRL, they dated for a few years on and off. They're obviously just friends now, since David is now married, but these two were totally an item long before she the starlet really made a name for herself for her role on Pretty Little Liars.

Cole Sprouse and Alyson Stoner

cole sprouse alyson stoner suite life cast

Another Sprouse strikes again! Alyson admitted she and Cole dated for a super short amount of time and she was even a little bit nervous about it all, since Cole had just dated Victoria Justice. It was all young puppy love and Alyson said Cole broke up with her on her birthday.

"He and Victoria Justice had a thing before me. So I was always super nervous, jealous, not jealous, insecure more so like 'She's a babe. What do I have to offer? I play sports'," she said about their fling when they were 11. "He dumped me on my birthday so Cole, what the [heck] Cole? He just said, 'It’s not going to work out.'"

So not cool, bro.

Olivia Holt and Luke Benward

olivia holt and luke benward

These two Disney Channel stars became an item when they filmed the DCOM Girl vs. Monster together and they dated for more than a year before breaking up. Olivia is head over heels for her current BF Ray Kearin, so it's kind of hard to remember a time they weren't happily together! But she did date Luke back and in the day and they've since stayed friendly.

Miley Cyrus and Tyler Posey

tyler posey and miley cyrus doc

Long before Miley was ever a DC queen and Tyler voiced a prince on Elena of Avalor, these two were co-stars on Miley's dad Billy Ray's show Doc. And while they were super young during filming, Tyler admitted that Miley was his first kiss and they dated for two years when they were kids.

"We were so damn young… I would get excited when we would hold hands. We were both goofy and she was really loud, sweet, and funny, [she was] just a really cool kid," Tyler said about their childhood romance. "She was herself at seven years old. She knew who she was. I never met anyone like that at my age."

Just precious.

Sabrina Carpenter and Bradley Steven Perry

sabrina carpenter and bradley steven perry

OK, so if you're up to date on your most recent Disney Channel stars' lives, then yes, you know Brabrina was a thing at one time. These two kept their relationship more low-key, giving us cute AF Instagram pics every now and then but that was pretty much it. They split back in 2015, and sometimes it's hard to remember they were even a couple! Sabs has been slaying the pop star game and has been all about that independent woman life, so it's easy to forget once upon a time this couple happened.

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