Do you think you're Kylie Jenner's biggest fan? Yes? Well, you may want to rethink that because Johnny Cyrus has officially taken the title.

Johnny, a Wisconsin native and someone who actually sees himself as an English teacher one day – aside from his dream job of working on Kylie's team, of course – has become one of the most talked about Kylie fans on the Internet. And it's all for good reason. Johnny not only supports Kylie at events like Sugar Factory openings and her mega-successful New York City pop-up shop, but he also has over 200 pieces of her makeup collection and merchandise as well as eight tattoos on his body inspired by her. Yes, eight.

Those tattoos are one of the biggest reasons he coins himself as a Kylie superfan. He said he's her biggest follower, "Probably because I have tattoos for her, I have eight of them and I travel a lot to see her whenever she does events and stuff."

While Johnny may just seem like an over obsessed fan trying to get the attention one of the world's biggest celebrities, it's all much different than that because Kylie HAS already noticed him. The pair are actually already friends. The first time they video chatted Johnny said they chatted about, "Her app, her make up. It was like when Kylie Cosmetics was getting started up so about that and just how I’m her biggest fan. My wall was covered in Kylie pictures at that time."

These two have gotten so close that Johnny doesn't even think of Kylie as a public figure anymore but someone he can confide in and get advice from.

johnny 1

J-14 chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Johnny about his relationship with Kylie and how she's made an impact on his life. He revealed that he leaves the personal stuff out of their friendship because he doesn't want to cross any lines – and this is for good reason. Obviously, Kylie is surrounded by so many people every day that it's hard for her to trust everyone.

But, what they DO talk about is much more powerful than any relationship gossip in either of their lives. Kylie has given Johnny advice about how to ignore the hate whether it be online or IRL. She has told him, "Just ignore the hate, don’t let the hate get to you because the people that hate on you are just jealous of you, that kind of thing. And she said a lot of people will try to come at you and bring out that one flaw that they see and if you give them a reaction they will keep coming at you."

Not only has Kylie given him advice but also gifts – which is a huge perk! Johnny revealed that Kylie and the whole Kardashian crew are super generous people. (He's met all of the sisters and Kris Jenner whom he can't say enough good things about!) It was around the holidays when he opened his mail and saw a package from King Kylie. He said it was, "Just like a gift box, it was around Christmas time and it was candy, some Rob Kardashian socks, a Kylie t-shirt but not Kylie Cosmetics cause at the time it wasn’t out yet."

johnny 2

As you can imagine, Johnny gets a lot of attention himself just being Kylie Jenner's biggest fan. He's recognized even in small towns as 'The Kylie Jenner Guy.' But, he somehow finds a way to stay humble. While we're not sure how he does it, being friends with Kylie has just started to become the norm.

Johnny said, "At first when she would like my photos on Instagram or DM me I would freak out and be super excited and then like now it's like one of my daily friends I see. I don’t get excited. I just talk to her about regular things. We DM on Instagram almost every day."

Can you just imagine what's like to slide into Kylie's DMs? We can't either.

As we chatted with Johnny more and more, one question kept popping up. Why Kylie? Out of every celebrity out there, what is it that has drawn him so close to the beauty mogul? His answer. Spot on.

He said, "Cause I feel like me and her grew up together." The point is, Johnny can relate. He feels like Kylie gets him and he totally gets Kylie.

johnny 3

He continued, "I like Kylie when she’s not the public figure like the event planner that kind of thing. I like when she’s on Snapchat, having fun, being herself, with her friends cause she’s a completely different person and it’s more like she doesn’t act like a celebrity when she’s with her friends."

It's the normalcy and Kylie as a person that makes Johnny such a super fan. While it's hard to coin Kylie Jenner as a 'normal' human being, she really is. She's kind, she's young, she has to deal with haters, and she loves her family and friends.

The only difference is that the whole planet knows her name and we have a feeling that soon enough they will know Johnny's too.

Click through the gallery and check out EXLCUSIVE pics of Johnny with Kylie, close-up photos of his Kylie ink and his bedroom plastered with Kylie's face!

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