When J-14 hit the sold-out Honor Society headlining concert tonight at New York City's Irving Plaza, we were just thrilled to be able to rock out to their catchy songs like "See U in the Dark" and "Why Didn't I?" Imagine our surprise when we turned our heads and who was squeezing by us?! Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas (in that order!). We literally rubbed elbows with Kevin as he passed by.

The Jonas Brothers have been longtime friends with Honor Society, but taking time out of their crazy NYC schedule where our source tells us "literally every minute is scheduled," just goes to show what good buds they are!

Needless to say, the attention turned towards the VIP area balcony where we were standing just a few feet away from the JoBros the whole night. Kevin clapped and jammed along to the Honor Society songs… and we even saw Mama Jonas rockin' out!

Of course, we were thrilled to spend the our post-Valentine's Day with the JBs, but two of the three Jonases brought their own dates! Yup, in one of their rare public appearances as a foursome, Kevin was with Danielle Deleasa and Joe with Camilla Belle. After the show, we even caught Joe and Camilla rushing out the back entrance together and ducking into a black SUV. (Screams erupted half way down the block, so we're guessing the JBs rolled down their windows- sweet!)

And to further confirm that everything with the Jonas Brothers is truly about family… everyone in the extended JoBros family was in attendance from Mama and Papa Jonas to all the members of their band, newly named Bulldozer.

But the Jonas Brothers didn't just standby to support their buds, they even hit the stage with them! Honor Society lead singer Michael Bruno introduced them as a Valentine's Day gift…. "From us to you, our friends, your friends… Jonas Brothers!" Hugs were exchanged between all on stage and then they started singing "Don't Close the Book" together!

Check out our exclusive pics of the JBs rockin' out with Honor Society!

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