In J-14‘s Guy Guide, the hottest guys in Hollywood share how boys really think! Here are Jordan Fisher‘s ultimate dating tips. He’s revealing five ways to win his heart.

1. Always show off your goofy side!

If actor/singer Jordan compared his dream girl to an emoji, it’d definitely be the laughing crying one. “I love a witty sense of humor, and someone who is confident,” he tells J-14. “Someone who embodies those characteristics is sure to grab my attention.” Don’t be scared to break the ice with a funny story — he’ll love it.

2. Try something romantic!

Jordan loves romantic gestures, so take a cue from his favorite date to plan your own. “A no-fail date for me would be an awesome sushi dinner, an NBA game, then a late movie,” he spills. “As long as we’re together and making a memory, I’m pretty happy!”

3. Introduce him to your family!

If you want a surefire way to win over Jordan’s heart, bring him home. “I’m incredibly close with my family, so it’s important that she’s comfortable being around them and wants me to be around her own,” Jordan explains to J-14. “She has to be family-oriented.”

4. Wear your comfiest clothes…no really!

While you may want pull out all the stops and wear your cutest outfit when you’re hanging out with Jordan, he’d rather you do the complete opposite. “I LOVE when girls are comfortable enough in their own skin to dress down more often,” he reveals to J-14. “Everything just tends to be a little bit better in sweats!” We agree!

5. Just let him know you like him!

No mixed messages here! Yep, Jordan wants a girl to be straight-forward with him when it comes to how she’s feeling about him.

“I’m not a big fan of ‘the game,’” he admits. “I dig when girls are receptive of that and don’t play coy for the sake of looking ‘cool’. If you’re into it too, let me know and this will all be that much better.”

Interview and story by Lindsey Smith. “The Guy Guide: 5 Ways to Jordan’s Heart” originally appeared originally appeared in the March 2017 print issue of J-14.


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