15-year-old Jordan Mazarati is known for playing the role of young Alex Danvers on the CW's hit TV show Supergirl, but that is not where Jordan's talents end. She has been working hard in the studio on her music project, and J-14 has the exclusive premiere of her song "Pieces."

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Jordan revealed to us that working on "Pieces" was fun for her because it was her first time in the studio. She said, "Working on 'Pieces' was definitely exciting since it was my first time working with professional producers and songwriters in the studio. I think writing 'Pieces' was one of the best experiences because the energy between me and my co-writers was amazing. We were able to laugh and have fun while creating music which made the process of creativity come to life."

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She goes on to explain the meaning of the song. "'Pieces' is a heartfelt expression of a love that looks perfect on the outside, but in reality, the love is a superficial love that has no foundation or any room to grow. It's pretty much doomed from the beginning. I wrote 'Pieces' while my best friend was going through a really hard time with a relationship. When she expressed to me what she was going through, and how the relationship lost its spark, it triggered something inside of me where I felt compelled to tell her story."

We also asked Jordan to tell us any behind-the-scenes secrets from the recording process, and she revealed how one of her favorite lines from the song was seemingly meant to be.

"The beautiful thing about being an artist is that you never know where your inspiration is going to come from. It just hits you, and then there it is, there's the next song! Another example of that is in the lyrics to 'Pieces,' there was a really old polaroid camera that lived in the recording studio, and it inspired us to write one of my favorite lines in the song, 'The polaroid is faded as you leave my house, can't put us back together we're just pieces now,' so you never know where it's going to come from. Music is movement and energy and it flows through people. My job is to give it breath and keep it moving, so it can touch as many people as possible," she dished.

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