NewJeans is one of the fastest growing K-pop groups out there right now, period. After debuting (out of absolutely nowhere) in July 2022, the 5-member girl group has broken record after record — and at such young ages! Keep reading to uncover how old the members of NewJeans really are.

Consisting of MinjiHanniDanielleHaerin and Hyein, NewJeans is produced by BTS’ company HYBE and managed by a new independent label called ADOR. The CEO of ADOR, and CBO (Chief Brand Officer) of HYBE, is Min Hee-Jin, who is most well-known for her work with K-pop groups like Red Velvet, Exo, F(x) and Girl’s Generation.

The K-pop genre is very well-known for its large-scale debuts of new groups, which usually consists of months of video teasers, sneak peeks of the group and introducing the members one by one.

What makes NewJeans a breath of fresh air in the K-pop industry is their complete subversion of that debut formula. The band released their first song and music video for “Attention” on July 21, 2022, without any warning. They then released four separate music videos for the same song called “Hype Boy,” another music video for “Hurt” and then their official debut song and music video for “Cookie.”

Hee-Jin explained NewJeans’ unique group concept in a press release from July 2022.

“‘Attention’ brings not only the quintet’s faces to light but also highlights the group’s name, NewJeans. Pop music is a culture that is very close to our daily life, so it is like the clothes we wear every day. Just as jeans have withstood the test of time and found popularity among many regardless of their age and gender, NewJeans aspires to become an icon of generations — one you never grow tiresome of putting on.”

Since their fresh debut, the group made a comeback in January 2023 with songs “Ditto” and “OMG.”

“There are so many new experiences that still feel surreal at times,” Danielle told NME at the time. “We’re taking everything day by day, slowly, and cherishing these moments as we go. Being able to perform like this on stage, it’s just a dream that we’ve dreamt for so long. To be able to share our story through music is, I think, truly amazing.”

With all of their success, the members of NewJeans are still super young! Scroll through the gallery below to uncover how old the members of NewJeans are and their zodiac signs.

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