The entire internet — including Doja Cat — has fallen in love with Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things season 4. So, is the actor who plays Hellfire president Eddie Munson single? Scroll to find out!

Who Is Joseph Quinn?

Joseph, 29, has quickly won over the hearts of millions after his portrayal of lovable metalhead Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4. As the fandom’s new favorite, Joseph has gained millions of followers in just a couple weeks time, with stars like Doja Cat thirsting over the actor.

Along with Stranger Things, the British actor has also starred in Game of Thrones, Make Up, Dickensian, Catherine the Great and many more.

Joseph spoke about his character in Stranger Things 4 in a June 2022 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s very gratifying to know that people have been so accepting and welcoming to Eddie. It means a lot,” he shared.

“I really don’t think I can take that much credit for it. It was just so brilliantly written and the dialogue is so vivid. I definitely tried to bring some of my own ideas to Eddie, and they were very encouraging for me to improvise. And yes, some of that’s made in, which I’m very happy about and grateful for. But, I think the writers and directors — he is their creation, and I was just lucky enough to kind of help them.” What a humble king!

Is Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things Single?

Joseph stays out of the public eye and his social media accounts are managed by his friends. That being said, it’s hard to tell if the actor is dating anyone — but we’re leaning toward the Netflix star as being single.

After fellow Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp posted a hilarious exchange between him and Doja Cat, who asked to be “hooked up” with Joseph, the internet pretty much exploded — including Doja Cat. But within that Instagram exchange, Noah told Doja to message his costar directly — something we don’t think he would do if Noah knew Joseph was dating anyone.

Who Has Joseph Quinn Dated?

The actor keeps his private life, well, private. He has not confirmed any IRL relationships throughout the years.

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