If you were expecting Justin Bieber's second flick to be anything like Never Say Never, think again. According to Believe director Jon Chu, this is way more than just a concert movie.

"It's almost about a boy becoming an artist rather than a boy's life," he says. "Because his artistry is his life now."

"We have footage of him writing the first song for his next album on a piece of paper with a pencil," he told the LA Times. "Blank page, erasing, writing. That's where it starts."

"You get to see the creative process of making songs under this kind of pressure," he continued. "Getting producers, writing some things, throwing some things out. Choosing the first single, going into your album. And then once you do that, you've got to put on a show."

While there's no release date set for Believe just yet, we can't wait for this behind-the-scenes look at Justin's career to hit theaters. How about you guys?

Photo courtesy of All Over Sweden / Splash News

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