Justin Bieber surprised his fans with a special Instagram post this afternoon. No, it wasn't another shirtless selfie (though those are always appreciated), instead, it was a repost of fan art that showed Justin cuddling with a Belieber.

Soon after the pic was posted, Justin's loyal fans took to Twitter and #JustinYourBeliebersLoveYouSoMuch started trending worldwide! So does this mean Justin isn't opposed to dating a fan? It seems so! Why else would he and a fan be cuddling shirtless, right?

Justin's not the only celeb to admit he'd date a fan. In fact, some of our favorite stars are totally for it! Which of these cuties would you most want to date?

1. Taylor Lautner

When MTV asked if the Twilight actor would ever date a fan he smiled and said, "I mean, nobody is excluded in my book."

2. Olly Murs

Olly has some big plans for one lucky fan. "I'm going to have to date one of my fans, I think that's what my next plan is," he has said.

3. Niall Horan

Our favorite blonde Irishman says that he's not opposed to the idea of dating a Directioner. When posed with the question, Niall said, "Maybe, again if the right person came along, anything's possible."

4. Cody Simpson

Cody isn't going to restrict himself when it comes to dating! The Australian heartthrob says, "Yeah, I would [date a fan]! I wouldn't limit myself by saying I wouldn't date someone."

5. Hunter Hayes

Hunter tells Popstar! that he would actually prefer to date a fan! "The answer is simply yes," he says. "I actually kind of hope that a significant other for me would be a fan."

Now it's your turn: Hit the comments and tell us which of these celebs you'd most like to date!

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