If you're been on Twitter recently, you may have noticed a Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hashtag trending: #JelenaWillNeverRiseParty. Even though the source of the hashtag is unclear, it seems like it was started because of fans shipping Justin and Ariana Grande, and an Instagram photo that the "Sorry" singer posted online.

JB regrammed a photo from @buteras.cutie, which is a fan account dedicated to shipping Justin and Ariana. While the actual photo that the pop star posted was simply him as a Pikachu, the fan's watermark is clearly on the picture.

That same night, Ariana posted a similar photo of herself as a Pikachu.

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*drops mic* gnight

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Since it's rumored that the "One Last Time" singer recently broke up with her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, there's a reason that Justin and Ariana fans are happy. Based on the Calvin Klein model's Instagram post, a lot of fans have been sharing their reactions to the what seems like the inevitable end of Jelena.

It's clear that Justin and Ariana have crazy chemistry, but they've always been steadfast that they're just friends.

justin bieber ariana grande

While that can always change, that doesn't mean that they're about to jump into a relationship any time soon — even though some fans think this is marking the end of Jelena as we know it. Still, the Biebs may not have even realized that he was reposting a photo from a Justin/Ariana ship account.


Do you think that Justin and Ariana would ever date? Sound off in the comments!


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