Justin Bieber is literally on a tear when it comes to social media.

The "Sorry" singer broke all Instagram rules yesterday in a matter of 60 minutes. So, what do we mean by this? Justin posted over 24 photos all in a row. Then later on in the day, he posted even more photos. While it's not an official rule at Instagram headquarters, it's kind of just common knowledge that we shouldn't be posting more than three times a day.

Seriously, Bieber clogged up millions of people's feeds yesterday and to be honest, we almost unfollowed. Yes, the keyword there is 'almost.' Then we came to our senses and realized we couldn't live without his shirtless photos or absurd antics. But, it almost happened.

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The photos were bizarre on top of it all. From a photoshopped photo of his head on Halsey's body to a woman modeling on the beach to a way too close for comfort selfie where fans could basically see up his nostrils. We really can't make this stuff up.

It's unclear whether Bieber just likes to see what he can do to make headlines or he just really, really liked ALL of these photos. Fans even got to see what he looks like while laying in a dentist chair getting his chipped tooth fixed. We know, Beliebers had always wondered what the heartthrob looked like with a metal drill down his throat.

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But, this isn't the first time Justin has turned heads on a social platform. Over the past couple weeks, he has gone on Instagram Live where he pulled pranks on hotel guests, shaved his face and even played some never before heard music. This is all a far stretch from what he was doing on Instagram less than a year ago. Do you remember? Yeah, you may not because it was nothing. The Biebs blocked his account for awhile after fans were hating on Sofia Richie.

Now, we all got what we deserved. Justin is back on Instagram and he's providing so much content. No one's quite sure if this said content is what we wanted. One thing everything can definitely attest to though, we can't look away.

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