It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is an active member of the Hillsong Church and really looks up to his pastor, Carl Lentz. Not only has Justin become very spiritual, especially in recent months after ending the Purpose Tour, but he’s also found a friend in Carl. They do a lot together and finally, Beliebers are getting a chance to understand what really goes down when they hang out. Carl books titled, Own the Moment, is really a self-help book but he spills major details about what it’s like talking about religion and life with the Biebs.

Radar Online is reporting that Carl wrote, “People always ask, ‘What’s it like talking about life and Jesus with Justin Bieber?’ I always say the same thing: ‘Matter of fact, he’s just like you. And just like me.’…We can’t connect on a money level: He has more. We can’t connect on a fame level: He’s known all over the world, while sometimes I’m not sure if my children even remember I’m their dad.”

If you can’t already tell, the whole thing is riveting. Carl continues, “You know what Justin and Judah [another pastor] and I all share? What it’s like to be lonely. What it’s like to want to grow in areas that are hard to talk about. What it’s like to be disappointed. What it’s like to make mistakes that affect people we love.” Basically, he’s saying that Justin is a person. Despite the money and the fame, Justin has feelings and emotions just like the rest of us. Just because he has more “stuff” than a lot of us do doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the ability to feel lonely or disappointed. Carl really brings Justin down to a human level in the book.

Carl said, “No doubt, Justin has made his fair share of mistakes that have been legit…If you became world famous at roughly thirteen and were thrown into a life of music, fame, money, good and bad people, and the ability to influence millions of people around the world, how do you think you would do?” Now, THAT’S putting things into perspective. Justin really has been looked at under a microscope for over a decade now and everything he does is scrutinized. Carl is saying that it’s hard to handle that kind of attention especially when you’re growing up.

There is one thing Carl said that most Beliebers probably already know, though. When Justin wants to do something, he’s going to do it. He’s not going to do it tomorrow or the next day, he’s going to do it at that exact moment. Why? Because he can. That same mentality he carries over to his faith. Carl explained, “One cold January night in NYC, Judah, Justin, and I had a really deep and real conversation about faith, about choices, and about surrender. Justin told us, as he always does, about the ups and downs of his calling and said, ‘I want to get baptized.’ We were both like, ‘Awesome. Great choice. We will hook that up. July sounds good, right?’ Justin said, ‘No, I mean like right now. I want to start fresh tonight.”

There’s no telling what year this exactly happened in, but clearly, it was an awakening. It was time to change his life and Justin didn’t want to wait to do it.

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