Justin Bieber might have two siblings, Jaxon and Jazmyn, but there's actually 7 female celebrities in the biz that look more like him than his own family members. Yes, it's seriously scary. Between the hair, the style and straight down to the bone structure, these celebs and Justin could have literally come from the same womb.

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If you ask us, the "Sorry" singer has a certain look about him. You know, the blonde haired bad boy with baggy clothes kind of look. But, after some investigative work, the editors at J-14 have realized that look is just something we all picture him as. Justin has actually had many different looks throughout the years causing him to totally twin with several of your favorite stars.

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No really, like we cannot unsee this. He has had a scary resemblance to everyone from Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry. Just so you didn't have to, we compiled a gallery of side by side photos to show you just how crazy the similarities are. Not only that but there's one gal on the list that is actually standing face-to-face with Justin and we can't tell them apart!

The whole thing is blowing our minds.

Click through the gallery and check out which of your favorite female celebrities look exactly like Justin!

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