After new videos and photos surfaced of flocks of screaming fans chasing after Justin Bieber in Australia, his policy of no more photos with fans is becoming more and more reasonable. The Biebs has been hanging out in the land down under for his Purpose tour but things got out of hand over the weekend.

Justin was just trying to eat his lunch in peace outdoors because the weather was beautiful. Totally normal, right? Well, for anyone but Justin this would be a casual day with friends. However, in a photo captured by a passerby, Justin was literally surrounded by a pack of eager fans while he ate his lunch.

A police officer actually had to hold back these fans as they crowded around his table just staring at him eating his food. It's incredibly awkward, weird and all around strange. Of course, he's one of the biggest pop stars in the world but still, this is just downright sad. And just because he is who he is, doesn't mean this type of behavior by the fans is acceptable. Can you imagine having at least 50 people stand around you and videotape or snap every bite you take out of your chicken sandwich? Yikes!

While Justin sat outside the Chargrill Chicken restaurant, Twitter user Joe Ellison posted this photo with the caption, "Probably the first time I've felt sorry for Justin Bieber. The poor guy can't even go for chicken without a mob of baying fans tailing him."

This is eye-opening and shocking. To be honest, we can now see why he feels like a caged animal and why he stopped taking photos with fans. It gets way too out of hand and it looks like he can't even live his life or eat his lunch without people fangirling over it. But, things took a turn for the worse. In this above photo, Justin is protected by security however videos have popped up of him actually sprinting away from fans who are chasing him. He looks scared, tired and completely out of breath.

And another video came up on Twitter of him asking which fan touched his face. Clearly, he's not happy and he shouldn't have been touched by anyone. This is a total breach of his personal space and after watching all this it's hard not to feel bad for the guy.

It's important to remember that Justin is a person first and foremost and he deserves the same respect that everyone else has. There's no doubt that he loves his fans because they have made him as successful as he is. But, there's a line that shouldn't ever be crossed. The videos and photos from this day make his actions justifiable. His actions of refusing to take photos and getting frustrated with people who just want a glimpse of him and not to actually get to know him.

Here's to hoping that all of this will help Beliebers realize what's really important. Justin needs to be able to live his life and sprinting away from a crew of overly crazed fans in school uniforms is not the way to do it.


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