Last week, Justin Bieber had us a bit worried when he posted eight of the same selfies on Instagram. Now, he's got us worried again.

The Biebs posted a series of photos over the past couple of days but this time pointing out how his left eye has conjunctivitis. If you don't know what that is, do not Google it under any circumstances. Basically, it's an inflammation or infection in the eye. The small blood vessels become inflamed, more visible and sometimes the eye that is infected appears smaller or half open. Another term for this is 'pink eye' which is more commonly used and Justin wants you to know that he has it. And he won't stop until you look at his eye – and I mean, really look at it.

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There are just a few things that are worrisome about the posts. He says it's his left eye but really it's in his right eye. Of course, looking straight on at him it's on the left side of his face. But, it's in his right eye. Not only that but is there a reason we should know that bacteria has collected in his right eye and cause an infection? Is he going to say how and where he thinks he caught it?

The whole thing is bizarre.

First, he shared this photo with the caption, "My left eye has conjunctivitis."

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My left eye has conjunctivitis

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KK. Then he went on to share more zoomed in shots of the eye with captions like, "This eye has conjunctivitis," and "You can see it better here," and "Conjunctivitis." LOL. We're totally not sure if he's trying to be funny or serious or just seeing what kind of headlines he'll make. One thing is for sure, he's captured everyone's attention. It just may not be for the best reason.

Last week, he posted, even more, selfies and did an Instagram Live video where he didn't sing his Spanish verse of "Despacito" prompting people to think he doesn't really know how. He shaved his face, pulled pranks on hotel guests and had a woman's silk robe hanging his bathroom. V questionable, Justin, v questionable.

Here's to hoping that conjunctivitis he's got clears up quickly. I'd rather see his shirtless selfies than pink eye on my Instagram feed if we're being brutally honest here.

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