Oh Justin Bieber, how you manage to still slay our hearts. This time around, we have a new video to thank for the eternal swoon-fest the Biebs has given us. He's worked with T-Mobile for a German commercial and basically, we find out what it's like to have Justin always with us and it's MAGICAL.

In the video, the v lucky girl is listening to his song "Friends" and the whole point of her day with Justin is to show us what listening to his music on this special streaming platform feels like: the artists you love are always in your ear whenever you want. Homegirl goes on a bus ride with JB, has dinner with her parents with him sitting by her side, goes to the library and dances around with Justin. It's literally as adorable as it sounds and frankly if this is giving us a glimpse into what he's like as a boyfriend then okay Selena Gomez, we fully understand how you're basically back together with him. Justin simply looks so happy and it's one precious moment after the next, two minutes of pure fun. The concept for the video is also taking us back to 2012 when he debuted the ad for his "Girlfriend" perfume and we literally got to see what it's like to well, be his GF. So bravo, Biebs, you're returning to your roots in a sense, yet in a new way and it's a true gift to us all.

Check out the best GIFs from Justin's new commercial below!

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