On Friday, we reported that Justin Bieber freaked out when he was asked about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez during his legal deposition, but now that the tapes have been released by TMZ, the "Heartbreaker" singer is coming down under fire for being "insulting, arrogant and disrespectful" as he was being asked questions for over four hours.

We can definitely understand why he was getting so angry — especially since hardly any of the questions being asked were about the paparazzi incident he was there for — but he might be regretting his behavior now that everyone can see what went down behind-the-scenes.

No matter who has Justin under attack, his Beliebers always have his back and he reached out on Twitter this afternoon to thank them for sticking by his side, as well as to defend himself and his actions on the tape.

In response to seeing #MyBeliebers, all of Justin's fans started tweeting #OurJustin, making the hashtag trend worldwide as they shared all the reasons they love the pop star.

Do you feel differently about Justin after seeing his tapes? Let us know in the comments!

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