Justin Bieber wasn't too happy with a comment a fan made on one of his Instagram pictures about the people he hangs out with. Instead of ignoring it, he decided to repost the comment and write a message back to them, defending himself and his friends.

On Instagram, the fan wrote, "I'm realizing he is growing up and I'm realizing he is changing, but in my head I just see this 'team' as a bad influence and it kills me thinking, 'What if Justin goes down the wrong path and just messes up his career?' I know he won't — I know he is a smart man, but I'm not so sure hanging around these types of people will keep him on the track of success."

The fan made sure to let everyone know she wasn't talking about any of his friends in particular, but the group as a whole.

"I'm not picking out Khalil, I'm talking to the whole 'team' in general and all the recent people he has been hanging out with," the fan continued. "Justin isn't the same 16-year-old boy anymore and I know that it's just hard seeing him grow up and just thinking about him retiring breaks my heart."

Justin was very offended by the fan's comment and responded, saying, "It's not your place to judge. God put these people in my life for a reason, and just because they are African American that makes them a bad influence? These are the people that I love and all of us are going to help make the world a better place."

The fan never mentioned anything about his friends' races, but Justin might have taken the comment the wrong way. Either way, it's pretty clear he thinks very highly of the people in his life and hates when anyone says something bad about them.

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