Sealed with a kiss! On Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People, airing tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, Justin Bieber spills all about his famous kiss with Jasmine V.

SEE IT: Photos: Justin Bieber and Jasmine V kissing

"I was just kissing her," Justin said. "That's about it. I didn't even know anyone was taking pictures. It just kind of happened. It's not really weird. Is it weird? I think every 16-year-old kisses a girl, right, so that's not nothing out of the ordinary. It's just a kiss."

When asked if Jasmine is his girlfriend, Justin said, "I mean, girlfriends are trouble at this age. Girls are fun to hang out with but, like, having that one steady girl — we're constantly traveling and one girl's not gonna really [work]. You can't really have one girl. I don't really have any crushes at the moment right now, the best thing is [that we're] just teenagers having fun doing what we love. We're just staying ourselves and remaining humble."

What is your reaction to what Justin said? Do you think that if you kiss someone you should be boyfriend and girlfriend?

Photo: Kyle Rover/Startraks Photo; Courtesy of ABC

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