It’s no secret Justin Bieber has been going through a lot of life changes lately. He canceled the remaining dates of his Purpose Tour and while he’s still dropping new music (who else still has “Friends” on repeat?), he’s been spending most of his time hanging out with his family and friends and heading to church more often. So you know, the Biebs has been focusing on other things at the moment. But he’s also given us all a glimpse into a whole new version of himself we didn’t expect to see: dad mode Justin.

Yes, you read that right, the “Sorry” singer is giving us all a glimpse into what he’s like if he was a dad. Allow me to explain: Justin ran into a paparazzi who happened to be there that time he accidentally hit a photographer with his car, when tons of paps surrounded the singer as he left a church service. Justin stayed around with the injured photographer and made sure he was OK until the ambulance arrived but this particular photographer he just bumped into was there that night and wasn’t really much of a help. So Justin just had to pull over and hash things out, in a very father-like way.

“Why were you so mean that day of the crash? You were yelling such profanity and it was really, really mean. If that was your friend, you weren’t making the situation better, you were making it more chaotic. Next time, rather than saying such profanity and mean stuff, just try to help the situation. If it was your friend, you would be on the ground helping him,” Justin said in a calm, yet stern voice.

Is that not SUCH a dad thing to say and do?! And it doesn’t stop there. JB took to his Instagram Story where he shared hilarious clips of himself talking to his beloved pooch Esther, who he’s been a dad too since 2015. He is grilling her, asking what she did while he was gone since he knows something is up. It’s all just too much.

When he starts talking in her voice though. Is that not totally what an embarrassing dad would do? So it looks like Justin is taking this time off from touring to really get to know himself and clearly he’s preparing for the day he actually has kids. Looks like he’ll be a lovely father if I say so myself. Esther knows what’s up, and she’s a very reliable source.

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