Let’s just say Justin Bieber has been having his fair share of fun with the ladies during his time in Brazil. The pop star is there for his Purpose Tour and has been hitting the town when his performances wrap each night. The Biebs was seen canoodling with a brunette beauty in the backseat of a car just a few days ago and now he’s FaceTiming another mystery woman!

It all started when Justin and his crew decided to take a hike in the Rio Rainforest. And as the world knows, wherever Justin goes, people and cameras follow. As he was heading down the hiking trail, fans and paparazzi were waiting for him.

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After he got into his car, JB held his phone out of the window showing everyone standing outside what was on his screen. It was actually a FaceTime call with another brunette! No one is sure who she is but by the looks of the photo, it seemed like she was just hanging out. The girl seems to have her hair up and giving off a super chill vibe. This could only mean one thing – that these two are most likely pretty good friends.

A girl who is trying to impress Bieber would probably be more done up but of course, this is all speculation.

One thing is for sure, this girl makes Justin pretty happy. He was smiling ear-to-ear as he was FaceTiming her and there’s no word that he lashed out at the fans surrounding his car. This all comes in the wake of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez living her best life at the moment. Not only is she super happy in her relationship with rapper The Weeknd, but she’s also finally seeing a few years long passion project come to life – the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

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It seemed like Justin always had the upper hand when it came to his music, the girls in his life and his happiness. Now that Selena is gaining steam in all three of those departments, could Justin be showing more PDA and showing off, even more, women who want him because of all that? Could he be trying to overcompensate?

No one is really sure, but he hasn’t been lonely in Brazil that’s for sure. To be honest, if he is trying to send a message to Selena showing her how happy he is too, we have a feeling she’s not even looking.

It doesn’t matter why he’s showing fans his private FaceTimes or openly hanging all over girls after a night out because it’s clear that he’s doing his thing and no one can stop him. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for his girl situation. Fingers crossed someone uncovers the identity of the mystery FaceTimer!

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