Justin Bieber has started flirting with Hailey Baldwin again! Even though he claims they're just old friends, the rumored couple was caught throwing teasing comments at each other.

It all started when the model posted a photo on Instagram with a friend, writing, "glad to have my Aussie back."

hailey baldwin instagram

He responded by saying, "ur friends hott hailey haha," then adding "But ur hot 2 ??" and writing the nonsensical "Carrot."

justin bieber comments hailey baldwin instagram

While we're definitely shocked that he called her "hot," we love that she responded with her own sassy Instagram comment! After he posted a shirtless pic, she responded by sarcastically calling him "fat."

justin bieber photoshop lol instagram

They've been caught getting cuddly in the past, but they're definitely teasing each other in a flirtatious way!

hailey baldwin comments justin bieber instagram

Of course, since Selena Gomez is reportedly getting closer to Zedd, we think Justin might just be jealous. He's apparently upset that they're dating because he knew the "Break Free" music producer first, so he might be using his close relationship with his bestie to raise some eyebrows.

Do you think Justin and Hailey are dating or just flirtatious friends? Is he trying to make Selena jealous? Let us know in the comments!

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