Justin Bieber is at it again with his social media shenanigans, and this time he’s not holding anything in about how freaking beautiful he thinks Sofia Richie is!

Obviously, we already knew how stunning she is considering the photos Sofia just posted from her shoot for Flaunt magazine. But, fans and haters of Justin and Sofia’s relationship definitely thought their relationship was over months ago. Now, it seems like that might not exactly be the case. Sofia posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “@flauntmagazine.” Yes, she looks incredible, but so incredible, in fact, that the Biebs couldn’t help but tell her himself!

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The “Sorry” singer actually wrote in the comments section of Sofia’s photo, “Ur so pretty.” While he’s known to be quite controversial on social media, this might give us a clue into what’s really going on between them.

Multiple reports surfaced months ago that the pair had completely stopped talking. Now, it looks like those reports weren’t entirely true. Then again, Justin could just be stirring up trouble here. He knows people are going to see this comment and he may want to get everyone buzzing about his real relationship status with his ex. Neither he nor Sofia ever confirmed the dating rumors or the breakup rumors. Can you imagine if they’ve been talking and hanging out this entire time? WILD.

Because, of course, everyone knows he could have just texted this thought privately to Sofia.

However, there’s a whole other layer to this. Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez has been publicly flaunting her new relationship with The Weeknd. Before Sel and The Weeknd started dating, she actually lashed out at Bieber after he posted a series of pictures with Sofia on social media at the beginning of their relationship.

Everyone thought Selena was jealous of Justin’s newfound love. Could the tables have turned? It’s possible that Justin could have written this flirty comment on Sofia’s photo so his attraction to her would be made public. So that maybe, just maybe, Selena would see it.

There have been a few reports suggesting that Justin is jealous of The Weeknd and Selena’s relationship. He’s also been caught saying that he would never listen to The Weeknd’s music and just unnecessarily throwing shade his way.

Obviously, we could be reading into this way too much. The answer could be very simple. Justin could have just thought Sofia looked extra gorgeous in this photo and wanted to tell her. It may also mean that he’s trying to win her over again. It’s doubtful that they are currently dating but it’s definitely feasible to imagine him trying to swoon her.

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One thing is for sure, there are so many questions that arise over Justin’s comment. No one knows for sure what is going on between them. But, JB clearly thinks Sofia is really pretty and there probably isn’t any bad blood between the two. Fans shouldn’t be shocked if they start to see these two together again!

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