Justin Bieber's Latin Grammy award trophy was accidentally sent to Marc Anthony's producer, Carlos Escalona Cruz, which just further proves he should have attended the show when he won back in November of 2017. There was lots of speculation over whether or not the Biebs would make a grand entrance at the 2018 Grammy Awards and perform the hit remix version of "Despacito" with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, since it was nominated in three major categories. The "Sorry" singer ultimately helped the already successful Latin song to go viral in the United States when he sang on the remix. But, Justin hasn't shown his face at the Grammy Awards in two years and it looks like even scoring a win at the Latin Grammys wasn't going to bring him to the stage at this award show either. And that sucks for him because his trophy didn't quite make it to his house when it was supposed to.

Carlos posted a photo on Instagram with Justin's trophy as well as a video of his reaction when he opened the box. He captioned the first shot, "This is the funniest way to start #2018, I was expecting a #Grammy for @marcanthony for babies and I received @justinbieber Grammy for #despacito remix with @luisfonsi and @daddyyankee instead."


He was obviously taken by surprise when he unboxed the award. Carlos' reaction was simply, "What the f-ck." LOL. Justin has yet to make a comment about the whole thing but TMZ is reporting that Carlos obviously called the big shots who send out the Grammy trophies and explained the mix-up. He was told to send it back so they could get it to the right person – also known as Justin Bieber. It's pretty hilarious considering, their names are nothing alike and we have a hard time wrapping our heads around how someone could send something for Marc Anthony to Justin. Not only that but, where is Marc's trophy? Did someone else get his? Is this going to start the never-ending game of musical Grammy awards where they just get passed back and forth until it ends up in the correct artist's hands? Not sure, but it seems possible.

As for Justin, maybe he'll get the hint that next time Luis extends an invite somewhere that he should probably go – whether it's in the United States or abroad. The OG "Despacito" singer told Entertainment Tonight that he asked JB to perform the track with him and Daddy Yankee on music's biggest night. He said, "Of course we extended the invitation. He's part of the nomination and he helped the song grow even more, and I'm so proud of the job that he did. I'm so proud that he decided to sing most of the song in Spanish… so we're very grateful. He's a good friend, he's a good guy, so hopefully, we'll be able to celebrate together." Maybe they can all celebrate when Justin officially gets the Latin Grammy in his hands.

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