When it comes to celebrities and their demands on tour, sometimes it gets pretty over the top. While these tour riders, as they are called, are known for how lavish they can be, Justin Bieber’s pretty much tops them all.

While traveling the road, a celeb wants to be comfortable, of course. They are away from their home for weeks at a time and sometimes it’s just nice to smell the same things and taste the same things that they would in the comfort of their own house. These tour riders can provide anything from the entertainer’s favorite food or candy down to the color of fresh flowers they want in their dressing rooms.

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So, what exactly does Justin demand? We’re not even kidding, the most insane things ever. From an Indian yoga casket filled with essential oils to 5 prepared meals a day named after his popular hit songs. If you were wondering, yes, the Biebs probably does indulge in a “Baby” breakfast sandwich ever now and again.

Here’s everything that the “Sorry” singer reportedly asks for.

Wait…what in the world does he need exactly 8 power outlets? What if there is 9? Will that be a problem? Does he have something with the number 8?

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Jokes aside, this tour rider was supposedly leaked. So, it means that it could possibly be fake. While Justin probably does have some pretty steep demands, we don’t know if he really wants a Rolls Royce, a Jacuzzi and a licensed, female masseuse at his disposal. But hey, who knows. He IS Justin Bieber. Anything he wants, he probably gets.

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