No matter what Justin Bieber does, he cannot avoid being asked a million questions about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. His social media accounts are constantly being dissected for possible hidden messages he could be sending to his ex and her current boyfriend The Weeknd. Though he has made comments about them on Instagram Live recently, a new selfie that he posted this week is a possible new addition to subliminal messages he is sending to the “Good For You” singer.


The “Sorry” singer posted a string of photos yesterday including a selfie with the caption, “Stupid is as stupid does – forest gumps mom” a famous line from the popular Forrest Gump movie. This seems totally normal now, except that now with Instagram’s newest feature that makes it easier to see the comments famous people write on photos, J-14 captured the comment Justin wrote on his own selfie. Totally normal, right?

“Love is patient love is kind love does Not envy,” Justin wrote. The quote comes from the verse 1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible, which is often used as a reading at weddings or as a definition of true love.

justin bieber instagram comment

Justin’s fans know that he is religious so this comes as no surprise to them. The question is why would he comment this in his own selfie? Could he not decide which caption to write between this and the Forrest Gump line?

wedding crashers gif

The Weeknd and Justin were competing against each other at this past weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Awards and Justin came out on top by taking home the award so there is not much for him to envy except for the fact that Sel is dating the “Starboy” singer instead.

Perhaps this is Justin’s way of saying he is patiently waiting for Sel to return and that he is not at all envious of her new love. Though the singer could have just randomly written that on Instagram, just because he can. Does he ever need an explanation for anything he does?

We are going to say Justin just chose this quote at random and did not mean to send any hidden messages. But we will keep an eye on his comments from now on to see if he is actually trying to send the world some clues about how he really feels.

Why do you think Justin commented on his own picture with that quote? Tell us in the comments.

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