Is this real life?

Justin Bieber was incredibly bored yesterday and he let the world know it. The "Sorry" singer is currently in Cape Town, South Africa performing on the international leg of his Purpose World Tour. But, sometimes he just can't sleep. While we don't really know why he was up till all hours of the night – other than that he had an iced coffee which could have done the trick – we do know that he was ready and willing to chat with anyone and everyone.

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The whole thing started when Justin posted a series of photos, 8 to be exact, on Instagram. Yes, the same darn selfie. Then he shared a video of himself. Then, the Instagram Live started and we really didn't know if we should be laughing or worried about him. If this seems like a whirlwind of events, that's probably because it was!

I mean, really, it seemed like this kid needed a bit of sleep. He acted like was literally at the point of when you're so tired that you become delusional and then become completely wired and off the walls at the same time.

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It was entertaining, to say the least, but it actually made him super relatable. Everyone reaches the ultimate level of boredom at some point in their lives, right? We just don't have the ability to cast that boredom onto 300k people whereas Justin certainly does. And, he took advantage of it!

Click through the gallery and check out every wildly absurd thing he did on social media yesterday!

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