Justin Bieber is trying really freaking hard to leave his bad boy days in the dust and we think he's going to do it.

The "Sorry" singer has been on the right path ever since he made his musical comeback with the Purpose album. As of late, he's been doing a few other things in his life to mentally better himself. Just last week he got a tattoo that read, "Better At 70."

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The Biebs wrong a message about the meaning behind the ink on Instagram and said, "I look back at a lot of things in my life, mistakes, insecurities, and although I have felt I've wasted a lot of time it also makes me want to be better faster! For me personally I want to work everyday to be BETTER AT 70."

Because JB is promising to better himself everyday, he's made a point to share some pretty inspirational messages on social media following the addition of his tattoo. The best one came when he posted a photo of himself donning an orange jumpsuit just after he was arrested. We're not totally sure what year this was taken place but he's claiming it's his official mugshot.

He looks like the bad boy we all remember from sometime a few years ago. With his hair is flipped up in the front to perfection and the smug look on his face matching what is probably going on inside his head – he. does. not. give. a. damn. that he's just been cuffed.

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But, like we said, things are changing for the heartthrob. He's told Beliebers his jail days are over. Justin captioned the pic, "Mugshot #jailsnotacoolplacetobe, #notfun #neveragain."

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Mugshot #jailsnotacoolplacetobe, #notfun #neveragain

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Yeahhhhh…we have to agree. Jail isn't the greatest place to be even if your name is Justin Bieber. We have faith he's going to keep this promise. No one likes to end up behind bars especially when you live the life Justin does.

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