Justin Bieber has been in a bit of a pickle lately. After abruptly canceling his Purpose tour with only 15 more shows left to do, he accidentally hit a paparazzo with his car after leaving a church service in Los Angeles. That was enough for his dad Jeremy Bieber and his half brother Jaxon Bieber to fly out from Ontario, Canada to be with the "Sorry" singer. Jeremy was caught following Justin around LA in his own car.

Sources are telling TMZ that Jeremy and Jaxon's visit is directly related to the Biebs ending his Purpose tour early and hitting the paparazzi. There's no telling how long Justin's family will be in town, but it's clear that they are there to make sure he is okay. TMZ also reported that Justin and his dad haven't had the best relationship over the past year. They were apparently last seen together at Christmas.

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But, they do live in totally different countries and Justin was traveling. So, it's possible that JB's schedule just didn't allow him to get home to Canada. Obviously, this is the first time Justin has had some time off in awhile and Jeremy and Jaxon flew to be by his side. It looks like things are mending – if there needed to be any mending at all – between this father and son duo.

Jeremy posted a photo on his Instagram featuring Jaxon and Justin. If you don't see Justin at first, that's because he's laying in the background in just his boxers, FYI. Jeremy captioned the pic, "Proud."

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Jaxon didn't shy away from posting on social media either. He made sure everyone knew he was with his big bro and that these were the happy days. The family headed to Malibu where Jaxon posted this photo of Justin with the caption, "Happy brother."

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Happy brother 🤙🏼

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Wow! The Biebs actually looks the happiest we've seen him in awhile. Justin hasn't put anything up on social media regarding his family's visit. Sources have said that his pastor, Carl Lentz, has actually stepped in as a father figure while Justin was on the road. There are even more rumors that Carl was the one who persuaded Justin to end the tour and reconnect with his faith. Apparently, Justin turned to him first when he was trying to make up the decision to end the tour.

But, when Justin was asked by the paparazzi if ending the tour had anything to do with rebuilding his faith and connecting with God, he denied it. The Biebs has stuck by his story that he was exhausted, had been touring for two years and really just needed a break. Hopefully, this time with his dad and Jaxon will give him the R&R he needs in his life! We're rooting for you, Justin!

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