All of India is patiently awaiting and preparing for Justin Bieber's big arrival for his first ever show in the country—as thousands of fans are expected at his concert in Mumbai. Promoters for his show, celebrities and especially the fans are gearing up to welcome to the world-famous pop star and some are even waiting to see the woman who started it all, his mother, Pattie Mallette.

Famous jewelry maker Riddhima Kapoor Sahni prepared special gifts for JB and his mom, and while she didn't reveal the contents of the packages, she shared photos of her letters to them.

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"Dear Pattie," she wrote. "Justin Bieber is a youth icon who everyone loves but the pillar of strength in his life has been his mother and it's a tribute to this brilliant woman."

For the singer's letter, she wrote: "Dear Justin, An inspiration to all."

Fans are excited at the thought that Justin and his mother Pattie will possibly be reuniting during this trip since it has been quite some time since they have been seen together.

Justin's wild list of request for his tour bus was leaked last week but it looks like the people in charge are sparing no expense for the singer's arrival.

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"We haven't cut corners on this show," said Arjun Jain, Managing Director of White Fox India told CNN. "In terms of ticketed events, this is the biggest show not only for my company but in the history of India."

"Everything he's wanted we've made it available, except for a few things that weren't available for which we got substitutes," he said.

"We want to do certain things for him to make him like India. … We've arranged sightseeing and a Maharaja sit-down dinner with different flavors of India because he loves Indian food. We wanted to host a couple of parties for him at celebrities' houses and have got offers to host him there."

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Wow! Looks like this trip is going to be unforgettable not only for the fans but for Justin as well. If Pattie will truly be there, fans are going to be filled with emotion to see photos of them together.

Update: Justin Bieber reportedly gave 100 underprivileged kids free tickets for his concert in Mumbai and met up with them prior to the show. How sweet! Watch the adorable video of Justin in India below.

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