If it already wasn’t obvious to some, if definitely is now – Justin Bieber is not here for any music created by The Weeknd.

It had been speculated that the, “Love Yourself,” singer isn’t exactly happy for his former flame, Selena Gomez and her new relationship with the Canadian born R&B singer. So much so, that he reportedly is seeking his own revenge by being seen out and about with Kourtney Kardashian.

Now Justin is taking his dislike for the, “Can’t Feel My Face,” singer by public and stating just how he really feels about him and his music.

Spotted by TMZ leaving West Hollywood hotspot Delilah, the singer was asked by paparazzi one simple question, if he’s able to listen to a song by The Weeknd. His response? “No. I can’t listen to a Weeknd song.”

When asked again by the same paparazzi why he couldn’t listen to at least one song, Justin responded, “it’s wack,” before getting into his car and driving off.

That pretty much said all that needed to be said, in regards to how the Biebs feels about Sel moving on in such a public way.

It should also be noted that this isn’t the first time Justin has gotten hounded by paparazzi who have wanted to know what he thinks of Selena’s love life, specifically this new romance that’s everyone can’t stop speculation about.

Though it should be noted that is the first time the “Cold Water,” singer has given an honest and public response in regards to his fellow Canadian musician.

So if there wasn’t any bad blood between Justin and Abel, there may definitely be now especially after making such a bold proclamation about the other’s music.

The Weeknd hasn’t issued a response of any kind since Justin’s words went viral, so for now all we can do is wait and see if this incident is going to escalate.

Are you guys surprised by what Justin had to say about The Weeknd’s music? Let us know in the comments section below.

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