MTV recently interviewed Matthew McConaughey, and the topic of Justin Bieber's shirtless escapades just happened to come up. Matt is an advocate of going shirtless in public, so he's all for Justin showing a little abdomen.

The actor's positive statement inspired us to scour Justin's Instagram to find his best shirtless photos. Let us know which ones are your fave!


1. This is the very first shirtless photo Justin ever posted on his Instagram account. We're so glad he decided to make it a trend!

2. Justin by a body of water with the sun majestically shining on him… Is it just us or would this make an amazing postcard?


3. Why must you tease us like that Justin? Why!?

4. We love Justin because he's a talented singer and a charitable person. OK, yeah, and we love him because he posts shirtless pics all the time.

5. There's Justin, getting his tan on!

6. This needs to be a life-size poster and we need to hang it everywhere.

7. We wonder if Justin's body temperature is higher than the normal person's. Maybe that's why he always has his shirt off….

8. Do you think Justin's siblings realize just how lucky they are?

9. Justin manages to look amazing even when he's sick in the hospital.

10. If you're going to make fun of Justin being shirtless, he'll just take more pictures and make fun of you instead.

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