Justin Bieber shows lots of emotion which is totally cool because most guys his age like to act tough. The Biebs isn't afraid to cry or bring six bodyguards to the dentist for emotional support. Wait…what?!

That's right. JB hates the dentist!

An insider at Life & Style said Justin took a trip to the dentist in Beverly Hills and, "He was accompanied by six bodyguards,” reveals the insider. “They weren’t there to protect him from danger — they were just there for emotional support."

The source continued, "Justin not only hates the discomfort, but the sounds of the drill and of scraping on his teeth make him tense up. He gets super nervous about feeling pain."

Yikes! For having such perfect teeth and smile we're literally shocked that he fears getting in the chair. Lots of people don't like the annual trip to the dentist but to be honest, Justin, next time you don't need six bodyguards. We'll be there to hold your hand! LOL

justin bieber hates the dentist

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